The 2019 Annual General Meeting
will be held on Thursday 4 April.

How your vote can make a difference


What is the AGM?

An AGM (or Annual General Meeting) is the meeting of the members of an organisation. Each year we invite eligible members to vote and help shape the future of your Society.

More about the AGM 2019

What do I get to vote on?

It's a great opportunity to have your say and vote on who the board members are and how the Society is run. If you attend the meeting itself, you can voice your thoughts and ask the Board any questions you may have.

We donated 20p for each online vote

Each year you can vote online, in branch, by post or at the AGM itself. We donate 20p for each online vote and 10p for each paper vote. The money goes to Samaritans and Leeds Building Society Foundation.

A total of 13.7% of members voted in 2018, with 27% of those votes being cast online. For every vote received online we donated 20p, and for all paper votes we donated 10p. Just over £9,600 was raised from votes, and this money will be shared between the Leeds Building Society Foundation and Samaritans, our charity partner.

  • Finding ways to make your life easier

    We continue to help make things easier for members, so you can get on and enjoy life.

    Working together

    Our online members' forum, TalkingPoint, now has more than 2,700 actively engaged members. This is your chance to tell us what really matters to you, knowledge we then use to make our products and services even better. Over two thirds of registered members actively took part in research over the last three months alone, helping the Society to better understand the needs of our members.[Read more]

  • The power of Parkrun

    In 2017, we launched our partnership with parkrun. Together, we have been helping people engage with their local community throughout the UK and we’re proud to say we’ve already enjoyed some exciting achievements including:

    parkrun Together

    In September 2017, we asked parkrunners to bring along a friend to their local parkrun to support community togetherness.

    We achieved a record-breaking total participation across the month.[Read more]

  • Raising money for Samaritans

    We’ve been listening to the views of our members and colleagues, and from 2018 we're delighted to announce that Samaritans has been chosen as our new charity partner. Whatever you’re going through, Samaritans provides a safe space to talk.

    Over the next two years we are aiming to raise £250,000 which will go towards helping those who are in emotional distress or are struggling to cope.

    Find out more about our charity partnership

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    Interested in the details? Here are the documents for the 2018 AGM.